Boumessouer Mosque
Boumessouer Mosque


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The mosques of Djerba

Boumessouer Mosque.

Hamrouni Ismail [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

In Djerba it is customary to say that there are as many mosques as there are days in the year. Around 365 mosques or more.

Djerba mosques photos

Underground mosque of Séduikech

Underground mosque of Séduikech « Jemàa Loutàa ».

There are 3 categories even if they welcome all the faithful without distinction:

Ibadi rite mosques. Their number is the greatest on the island. In 1941 there were 166 on the island. They are recognized by the minaret, whether it is absent or sober and devoid of decoration. It can also be a staircase minaret, that is to say some steps at the top of which the muezzin can call to prayer. They are all white. Ibadi mosques also provided refuge in case of attack. Some of these mosques are underground like The Loutàa Mosque (Arabic: below) -XIth or XIIth century- close to Sedouikech.

Sunni rite mosques. This Sunni rite is the majority in North Africa. Some Ibadi mosques have been converted into Sunni mosques. However, the rites are close, and the Maleki mosques often adopted Ibadi architectural elements.

Hanafi rite mosques (Ottomans). Another Sunni rite found mainly in Turkey. The Mosque of Turks - Jamaâ Ettrouk - whitch is the model with its Ottoman minaret. Its construction dates back to the XVIth century under the leadership of Caïd Ghazi Mustapha Bey installed in Borj El Ghazi Mustapha. Today it is a Maleki rite and has kept all its Ottoman character.

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