Hypogeum at the Meninx site
Hypogeum at the Meninx site

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Meninx archaeological site

The Hypogeum at the Meninx archaeological site in Djerba

IssamBarhoumi [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The Meninx archaeological site est un site archéologique tunisien situé sur la côte sud-est de l'île de Djerba, près de l'actuelle cité d'Henchir El Kantara. Il s'étend sur deux kilomètres de long et huit cents mètres de large, une partie ayant probablement été submergée par la mer.

Meninx archaeological site photos

Archaeological Menix site

Ruins at the Meninx archaeological site on the island of Djerba.

A first prospecting of the site highlights thermal baths, an amphitheater, a theater, a basilica, probably a forum as well as warehouses. In addition, the ground is strewn with vestiges, such as bases of columns in white marble, granite columns, capitals as well as many statues.

In 1942, excavations are undertaken by Paul-Marie Duval. Between 1996 and 2001, a Tunisian-American team carried out prospecting of the island and a few surveys, notably at Meninx : the occupation and the economic activity of the city, based on agriculture and the production of purple, are specified for the ancient period. Since 2015, a Tunisian-German team has carried out geophysical prospecting and archaeological excavations on the site ; a development operation and an archaeological park project were also launched in 2018 following a partnership between the Louis and Maximilian University of Munich and the National Heritage Institute.

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