Flamingo island
Flamingo island


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Djerba flamingo island

Ras Rmal Djerba

The flamingo island also called "Ras R'mal" (Arabic: sand cap), is a peninsula located north of the island of Djerba.

It is one of the most visited places on the island of Djerba. Each year, the flamingo island welcomes thousands of tourists who make the crossing in pirate boats from the port of Houmt Souk.

We appreciate its virgin beach with its fine white sand. The sea is very clear in color from transparent to turquoise.

Djerba flamingo island photos

Pirate ships in Houmt Souk

Pirate ships at the port (Marina) of Houmt Souk.


Ile aux flamants roses vue du ciel
Promenade en mer depuis l'Ile de Djerba
bâteau pirate Djerba 2014
Flamingo Island Djerba - Ras Rmal

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Djerba island

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